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Stormy Womanhood and the Hope of Spring…

by Sheena Dinkelmann

As we reach the end of this women’s month I take some time to reflect on womanhood and how it can feel at times.

Ironic how spring follows shortly on the heels of both winter and women’s month. Spring, a season of hope, new life, bright colours and much excitement and anticipation. Winter past was cold and dark and sometimes seemed lifeless too. As these August winds blow through our Jakaranda city I am reminded that they are blowing in something new – a new season, with the hope of rain to cleanse and bring new life. Womanhood is much like Mother Nature herself. There are seasons that carry us from strength to strength. Seasons that make us and shape us and take us to where we need to be.

Despite our smiles that say we’re fine, winds and winters can be fierce in our fragile woman hearts. We find ourselves in survival mode where we function for the benefit of others but never our own. These times are tough. We don’t always speak up. It’s cold and it’s dark and we don’t want to bring our gloom into the lives of others. Being brave for the rest of our worlds is a full-time job and we don’t realize that we fail ourselves. Wearing so many different hats as we juggle through our different responsibilities, we tire but don’t discipline ourselves to get the help or rest we need. We fail to realize that in caring for ourselves, we are ultimately caring for those around us who need us in their lives. We need to hold onto the promise of spring and remind each other of it. We need to do what is necessary to get through our winters and gale force winds so that we can bloom on the other side of it all. Seasons DO change and that gives hope. Perhaps the very winds that are wreaking havoc in our hearts today are the winds that are ushering in something new and exciting in our lives.

At LifeLine, we have some amazing women of valour. Brave and courageous women who stand strong for those who are hurt and broken and fallen along the stormy way. These women are warm, empathetic, non-judgemental, caring and kind. They are not without their own stormy weather but their hearts are of such that they can come alongside another and help them to find a way too.

To all you multi-talented, beautiful women out there; the moms, the daughters, the sisters, wives and friends. Don’t weather the storms of life on your own. Lifeline wants to help you be emotionally well so that you can take that out into your worlds and make an even greater difference than you already are. Do the bravest of brave and contact us when the storms of life are getting you down. Together we can make it to spring!

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