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News From the Front Desk

A letter from our Chairperson – Ashley Heslop

Dear Board Members, Staff, Volunteers and Friends of LifeLine Pretoria

LifeLine Pretoria is blessed to have dedicated Board Members, Staff, Volunteers and Friends of LifeLine Pretoria and I thank you for your hard work and service to the community during 2021. Your courage in the present pandemic brings hope for the future. We thrived the past year because of your hard work, support, creativity and dedication.

Thank you to our dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to keep all our Centres open, providing services to those who request our assistance and to all our Volunteers who respond willing and courageously to the call for help. LifeLine Pretoria is proud to have such honest, dedicated and concerned Volunteers like you!

Thank you to the many Volunteers who provide services to LifeLine Pretoria and go unnoticed: the Comms Team, the Report Readers, Mentors, and our Accounting Firm, MultiFin Financial Solutions whose ongoing support and service have ensured that we remain within budget and for their help with the audit and budget.

A big thank you to all Donors who support LifeLine Pretoria financially and morally. In this difficult economic time, LifeLine has it’s doors open because of your generosity and belief in the work and service we offer to our community. Thank you too, to all our Volunteers who introduce LifeLine to Donors who are willing to support the services we offer.

Thank you to our many clients who trust LifeLine Pretoria to help them in their time of need and who tell others about us by word of mouth because of the quality help they have received.

Many thanks to all our Board Members for their support and dedication during 2021 and for their wisdom in providing direction and leadership.

Are you aware that LifeLine Pretoria has a new website? Take a moment and visit our new webpage. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the development of the webpage and to Tammy who put it all together.

For the season of joy and thanksgiving, I would like to express gratitude to our lovely Board Members, Staff, Volunteers and Friends of LifeLine Pretoria. May we all have a hearty, festive and holiday season.

Please be safe and protect families and friends.

My best wishes to you all.


From the Training Department, in her new role as Training Assistant – Lynne Wareing

It was incredibly humbling to be given an opportunity to fill the training assistant function for LifeLine Pretoria over the past 6 months. I have been able to meet more of our volunteers and reconnect with “old” peers as well as welcome so many more probationers and counsellors into the LifeLine family. We welcomed 39 new probationers and 19 new counsellors over the second half of 2021 alone!

I have a newfound respect for the work that takes place behind the scenes to make these programmes a success as well as for the time our volunteers so willingly give to be a part of the work this organization does. I am so appreciative to each and every one of the LifeLine volunteers who have played a part in the courses and interview panels that I have helped administer during my time in this position. Thank you also to Constance, Sheila and Agnes for your guidance and support throughout this time.

The online training activities went full steam ahead in spite of lockdown regulations and load-shedding picking up again. We had 46 participants in both cohorts of the Personal Growth Courses as well as 28 participants complete the last Counselling Skills Course intake for 2021. The feedback from both courses has been positive and confirms the content of the course continues to meet the needs of those who register.

It is incredible to witness all the facilitators and trainers who take part in the courses share their own appreciation and meaningful experiences gained while taking part in the LifeLine Pretoria courses. This really does translate when they present and guide new participants through the programmes. I can see with each and every intake, how beneficial these courses are for those who enrol and the many referrals to family, friends, colleagues and classmates is further testament to this.

The new course dates for 2022 have been finalized and are available on the website. These will continue mainly through the online format however we remain hopeful that the in-person Weekday evening courses can take place again in 2022. Please refer to the LifeLine Pretoria website and social media channels for updates in this regard.

As we experienced in 2021, I am certain that LifeLine Pretoria can look forward to many, many more participants taking part in the courses and joining us as fully-fledged LifeLine counsellors in 2022!

Kind Regards,


From Constance at the reception desk, as she bids LifeLine Pretoria farewell

I want to take this opportunity to thank LifeLine Family, I have only 4 Month working at LifeLine but I have experienced Love and kindness. And I’m looking forward to continue to learn more from them. I feel welcomed and home always. With those few words I say thank you all.

Constance Pasha

We wish Constance all the best in her future endeavours as she moves on to a new work venture. Thanks for manning reception, Constance! We will miss you.

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