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Becoming a Volunteer

To become a volunteer at LifeLine Pretoria, you are required to attend our Personal Growth and Counselling Skills Courses. Upon completion of these courses, potential Counsellors go through a selection process.

If you are selected, potential Counsellors (Probationers) are required to complete a 6-month probation period in which they learn from experienced Counsellors.

Once the probation period is completed, a ‘Going Solo’ interview is arranged and the ‘Final Selection Process’ commences.

LifeLine Courses



This course is designed to enhance self-awareness and acceptance of self and others. It focuses on conflict styles, emotional baggage and provides an opportunity for setting personal goals. This is a time where you can become aware of your uniqueness, value and potential. Each session consists of theoretical input, experiential learning and small group interaction.




Joining the Online Personal Growth program at Lifeline Pretoria has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I went into the program unaware of the self-limiting idealizations I had regarding who I am or should be as an individual. What the Personal Growth helped me with, is being aware of my internalizations and positively embracing my life experiences into my growth. I had the best experience and I would recommend it for any individual seeking personal growth.

LifeLine PG Course Participant


The focus during this course is on acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills for effective counselling, e.g. listening and empathy. The Counselling Skills Course is taught through experiential learning, with lots of interactive involvement for the participants. Skills are practiced in small groups with role plays and other exercises until they are adequately mastered. All participants are afforded equal opportunities to practice and implement their newly acquired skills in the safety of the training environment.

The Personal Growth Course is a PREREQUISITE for the Counselling Skills Course. On completion of the Personal Growth Course, trainees will receive feedback, which will help them to assess their suitability to be trained as LifeLine counsellors.


The Counselling Skills Course offered by LifeLine Pretoria left me with the self-confidence I needed to use my academic knowledge in a much more practical manner. So often training is only focussed on theory and learners are not given the opportunity to practice what they have learned. The Counselling Skills Course did just that. I was able to work with real people, to understand that my interpretation is only one of many possible interpretations and that empathy and targeted listening skills are so important in the therapeutic relationship with a client. After completion of this course, I gained a deeper understanding of counselling and I had the privilege to explore this in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

LifeLine CS Course Participant

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