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From Our New Director – Agnes Semono

First and foremost, I want to thank God for keeping and sustaining LifeLine Pretoria to this far, through the challenges that come with the pandemic Covid 19, LifeLine Pretoria is still standing, continuing to provide confidential counselling to all people who are in emotional distress, especially during these challenging times. I believe that God will continue to sustain LifeLine Pretoria even for years to come.

Thank you to all the staff members for their dedication and vital role in the organisation, making sure that the office operates well and that our core business, which is counselling is still provided to the community. Special thanks goes to Sheila, for always stepping in when we do not have enough counsellors to conduct counselling to the clients and also attending to all the drop-in clients, we value and appreciate all your time and efforts, they are noticed.

Thank you to Lynne Wareing for taking over the training course after I was appointed to the directorship position, she did a stunning job, all our training courses were a success despite the challenge of shortage of facilitators and trainers, she always worked a plan in order for the training courses to be a success till to the last course for 2021, well done and we appreciate all that you gave for LifeLine Pretoria.

Thank you to Jill Ribeiro, for her passion for fundraising and assisting the organisation with donations and sponsors for companies and businesses to support LifeLine Pretoria financially. Thank you, Jill, your efforts and the love you have for LifeLine Pretoria, we greatly appreciate all the great work you are doing for LifeLine Pretoria.

We have had receptionists, who took over after Deryn Logie resigned, Granny Hlongwane and Constance Pasha, I also want to thank them for their great work and contribution to the organisation, we really miss you and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Now, to the heartbeat of LifeLine Pretoria, the volunteer counsellors, thank you for all your dedication and commitment through the year 2021. Some of the volunteers participated in counselling, training, selection interviews, training of the probationers and their final interviews, outreaches and office administration when we needed assistance, thank you so much, LifeLine Pretoria truly is still standing because of your time and efforts and others would even go the extra mile and sacrifice, in order for the organisation to grow, may God bless you and your families for what you have done for LifeLine Pretoria.

Thank you to the Communications Team, who do things behind the scenes for LifeLine Pretoria, handling the organisation’s social media platforms, thank you so much, you are playing a big role in the organisation. I want to urge or encourage all of us, to join the LifeLine Pretoria Facebook page and request our family and friends to do the same, like and share our social media pages in order to create awareness for LifeLine Pretoria.

Lastly, I want to thank all the board members for their care and support since they appointed me for the directorship position, thank you for the faith and trust you have in me and for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow with the organisation, once again. It is indeed a great learning opportunity for me, but I am thankful for all your support, especially Ashley Heslop, for support as we work together for the benefit of the organisation.

In conclusion, as we have already entered the last month of 2021, with Christmas and holiday season for us, I want to wish all the LifeLine Pretoria family members a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a fruitful New Year for you and your families, till we meet again on 2022!!

Lots of love and peace to you.

Agnes Semono


LifeLine Pretoria

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